M.ED. Elementary Education

Take your teaching skills to the next level with a degree specializing in elementary education. The Master of Education in Elementary Education program on Mississippi College’s Clinton campus offers a faith-based curriculum that will improve your instructional effectiveness and enrich the lives of your students. This NCATE-accredited program will help you investigate best practices, new methodologies and advancements in technology as it relates to the elementary classroom.

With convenient summer coursework and evening classes for fall and spring semesters, this program is perfect for working educators looking to strike that delicate balance between commitments for work, home and study. Working with your educational peers, you’ll gain skills in developing lesson plans and overall curriculum … in assessing student strengths, abilities and areas for improvement … and in preparing students for standardized testing.

Course highlights include:

  • Research — Methods and Procedures
  • Curriculum Development
  • Current Methodology in Elementary Education
  • Teaching Elementary and Junior High Mathematics
  • Teaching Skills of Reading and Comprehension

Note: Upon completion of your program, you’ll be prepared to apply to the Mississippi Department of Education for an upgrade from a Class A license to a Class AA license.

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