MBA General Accelerated

Have you gone as high as your business education and experience will let you go? But you can’t take time away from work and home responsibilities to pursue the degree you need to break through the barrier? Mississippi College has the solution — an online, accelerated MBA program one grounded in a Christian worldview and the next-level skills you need to succeed at every level and in any industry your career takes you. Your Accelerated Master of Business Administration is designed to quickly, efficiently and effectively give you the specialized skills you need to overcome business challenges and take on leadership roles.

The Accelerated online MBA is a 10-course intensive program with classes offered in 8-week sessions. By earning your graduate degree online, you’re better able to balance your work and home life with your studies. Online discussions with faculty and your fellow students will help you stay connected, informed and motivated as you reinforce your skills in core fundamentals to further your business career in any industry.

Course highlights include:

  • Managing in a Global Economy
  • Financial Management
  • Quantitative Management
  • Policy Formulation & Administration
  • Law and Ethics in the Business Environment
  • Market Administration
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Accounting Issues in Business Issues
  • Special Topics in Business
  • Special Topics in Business Management

To learn more about your online faith-based M.B.A. in an accelerated format, fill out the form. We’ll be in touch to answer your questions and help you determine if this program is right for you.

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