D.P.C. Professional Counseling

Take your counseling career to the next level with a doctoral degree program from Mississippi College. The Doctor of Professional Counseling degree (D.P.C.)  provides a faith-based curriculum that will help you develop clinical specialization and achieve parity with other allied health professionals. It’s designed to prepare you to successfully practice in a number of clinical settings and for leadership positions in professional organizations.

With convenient evening classes for fall and spring semesters, this program is perfect for working professionals looking to strike that delicate balance between commitments for work, home and study. Working with your mental health professional peers, you’ll explore evidence-based practices in research … investigate ethics, group dynamics and lifespan developmental processes … and propel your career forward with a series of specialization courses designed to personalize your education to your goals.

Course highlights include:

  • Counselor Education, Technology, and Professional Advocacy
  • Planning Consultation and Leadership
  • Professional Career and Lifestyle Planning
  • Lifespan Developmental Processes
  • Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning
  • Group Dynamics and Contextual Factors in Counseling

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