Higher Ed Certificate – Grad

The School of Education at Mississippi College offers a 15-credit hour Certificate of Higher Education Administration program to assist current and future professionals who seek administrative opportunities in the exciting and rewarding field of higher education. Realizing that there are many areas of professional service, the program has been designed to provide a strong grounding in general, administrative theory and practice. The certificate is offered in both a traditional and online format.

New students may enroll in Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters, choose on campus or online formats, and expect to complete their certificate within a year. Courses and descriptions are as follows:

HED 6500
Basic Understandings in Higher Education Administration (History & Issues, 3 hrs.)
This course provides an introduction to the U.S. higher education system. The course includes a foundation in the history of higher education covering the development of curriculum, faculty, governance, finance, and outcomes in higher education.

HED 6501
Law and Higher Education (3 hrs.)
This course will introduce students to state and federal law as it applies to higher education. It will also demonstrate the law's application to various areas of decision making relating to the administration and governance of higher education.

HED 6502
Finance in Higher Education (3 hrs.)
This course includes an analysis of case law on issues of access, student rights, employment, church and state, private sector, liability, academic freedom, and civil rights. Additionally, this course examines revenue, fund raising and development, types of expenditures, tuition and financial aid policies, budgeting and accounting practices.

HED 6503
Student Development Theories/Ethics and Inquiry (3 hrs.)
The purpose of this course is to explore and understand the nature, culture, and development of college students. To that end, the course will examine a range of human development theories that offer insight into the processes of student learning, growth, and development during the college years. Special focus will be directed toward understanding the implications of these models for the policies and practices of higher education administration. In addition, the course will examine the cultural environment of the student from historical and contemporary perspectives.

HED 6506
The Community College
A course designed to familiarize students with one of the largest segments of higher education. Topics include governance, history of the community college, community college finance, rural community and economic development, and community college legal policy.

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